Bosch Rexroth Dynamic Brake Resistor, 400 Ohms, 260 Watts for 400V AC Inverter

FCAR01-1W0260-N400R0-B-05-NNNN (R911370671)

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Condition: New with Warranty
Brand: Bosch Rexroth, Range: EFC Accessories

Bosch Dynamic Braking Resistor suitable for 1.5kW, 400V EFC5610 and EFC3610 AC Inverters.

260W, 400 Ohm, 10% ED (10% Duty cycle - not continuous)

Designed for use with 400V 3ph EFC5610 and EFC3610 when Dynamic braking is required. 

Part Number: FCAR01-1W0260-N400R0-B-05-NNNN or R911370671